Functions of Each Part

Target Distance Setting and Display
Place putter in the putter position in the picture to change target distance as follows.

You can change modes for more precise practice
Position Display 
This indicates the relative position of the ball to the hole during repetitive practice.
The flickering light indicates the position of the recently putted ball.
You can notice the distribution of the balls you putted intuitively that it naturally induces more correct putting.
The display is reset when you change mode or when you change target distance, in free mode.
Putting Distance and Angle Display
Displays precise angle and putting distance using a unique and intelligent formula.
The angle and putting distance were verified with the putting robot of Korea Sports Science Institute.
There can be slight error of distance according to the place of installation and environment.
Point Display 
Displays points so that you can concentrate on practicing with fun.
The point is calculated based on the probability of the ball getting into the 108mm hole in each distance for 1.2m, 2m, and 3m modes and based on the probability of the ball getting into the ellipse made of A-a in the size indicated in the following for 5m, 10m, and 15m. The goal is to have the ball in the hole up to 3m and getting the ball close to the hole, from 5m by considering it as the long putting.
Green Speed Adjustment
The green speed can be easily adjusted to Fast Green, Normal Green, and Slow Green for your convenience.
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