EB-3500W Non-electric WARM Toilet Seat BIDET

Non-electric bidet EB-3500 is a toilet seat that fits on the toilet bowl instead of normal toilet seat cover.

- works with cold and hot water.

EB-3500 bidet is equipped with two nozzels:
- one for washing the rear area (please see the second video)
- and one for washing the front area (please see the second video)

Water temperature and  pressure are adjusted simply by pressing the lever positioned on the right side console cover and on the left side console you can find the selector to choose the appropriate type of cleaning nozzle.

-Easy adjustment for water pressure
-Connects to hot and cold water (depending on model)
-Made of treated antibacteriologic material
-Automatic self cleaning nozzle function
-Accessories are included in the EB-3500 package
-Instructions for installation and or use included in the EB-3500 package

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