VacSense Rectangular 800ml& 1700ml Vacuum Food Storage Containers Set

VacSense PP02482 Rectangular 800ml& 1700ml Vaccum Food Storage Containers Set

Code PP:02486; EZ:02563
Capacity 800ml; 1700ml
Colors Green, Blue, Pink
Specs: REC 800ml   REC 1700ml
Code PP:02441 PP:02444
Width 190 mm 226 mm
Lenght 115 mm 150 mm
Height 085 mm 107 mm
wave pattern luxury design stackable flowing of air

The wave pattern on the bottom of container is design to keep cut-up fruit and vegetable elevated from their natural juices or water from cleaning.

Clear and smoked color let you know what is inside of the container and jewelry point on the container add luxury feature and ensure your kitchen keep shine, great look and smart.

The containers are scientifically designed for Stacking top to both upward and sideways to save space on the shelf.

The containers are designed to improve the flowing of cool air in a refrigerator and cut down on electronic charges.

How to Assemble the Lever Microwavable Ok!

*Do not place container on open fire or in ovens.
*Do not leave container on microwave after cooking.

While microwaving food, airtight food containers, should cover off whitch makes you uncomfortable all the time. With advanced vacuum system, you only need to make sure lever is in open position, allowing steam to escape and then close lever to keep foods warm until serving.

Save storage space non-sliding

The nest lids and containers are scientifically designed for efficent storing on shelf.

Full silicone packing Smooth 15- degree angle design for non-sliding from hands

The silicone on the guide packing is the most critical part to keep vacuum seal longer. By using the full of silicone sealing, vacuum food storage containers can create much stronger vacuum seal than other food containers witch use empty of silicone packing.


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